The ORANJE Hire Software as been used in South African by Hire Companies for more than 12 years.

We currently have more than 300 South African Companies using ORANJE which is a testament to how we work and operate.

Our Software is Tried and Tested.

We are the team that have been assisting and supporting our customers with their software and infrastructure for more than a decade.

We don’t just install your software and train your staff, we assist in making sure that the software runs smoothly day after day and we find out how to best go about achieving optimal results.

When things go wrong, we are a phone call or a flight away to make sure you get up and running again at reasonable rates. We don’t need to fly out international developers who charge in Dollars, our team is local and can be there the same day or the following morning.

Our Software is flexible and can be customised. It is written locally and it is not a 3rd party product. We have the source code and improve it daily.

Our dedicated support team is there to assist you with all of your queries from simple printing to advanced Business Intelligence.

We have all the features you require from Equipment Contracts, Specialised Pricing, Cross Hires, Accessories, Month End Roll Overs and Statements, right up to Financials, Business Intelligence, Usage, CRM and even Health and Safety.

There is a reason why 300 local companies use ORANJE.

Contact us for a free demo and meet some of the Team to find out why.